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Son of Saul (2015)
"Saul fia" (original title)






In theaters November 5



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It is early October, 1944. Saul Ausländer (Géza Röhring), a Hungarian-Jewish prisoner in Auschwitz works as a

Sonderkommando member, burning the dead. One day he finds the body of a boy he takes for his son.

He tries to salvage the body from the flames, and find a rabbi to arrange a clandestine burial. Meanwhile

other members of the Sonderkommando learn about their impending extermination, rise up and destroy the crematorium.


Saul keeps focused on his own plan to pay the last honours to a son he never could take care of before.


Director: László Nemes  Writers : László Nemes, Clara Royer  Stars: Géza Röhring , Levente Molnár,









European Video Art Screenings and Artist Talks


Yunus Emre Enstitüsü - Amsterdam


Ali Kazma & Adam Ulbert in conversation with

Lorenzo Benedetti director of De Appel arts center Amsterdam 

Date: 29 October 2015


Opening hours: Artist Talks 20:30 - 22:30



Yunus Emre Instituut
Weteringschans 28
1017 SG Amsterdam
The Netherlands






The project aims to create an international platform able to develop a program of video art and related artist

talks with the goal of promoting connections and reflections about the contemporary art scene in Europe.

The event will investigate what lies between video art and cinema, revealing the influences that lead the artist


through his or her creative process. The different interpretations of the cinematographic language that

have followed from its origins to today are a fertile ground for artistic  experimentation so that the

interrelationships between cinema and video art are more and more frequent and the two scenes

now seem to feed each other.

The selected artists are able to use the cinematic language in a personal and unique way, in order to create

their own universe reassembling the film grammar. Developing interconnections between the selected artists

by facilitating a dialogue that puts in the foreground relations and differences as well as

the relationship with the cinorm is one of the main goals of the project, which would favor so not

only the screenings, but also the need to deepen them.


Marco Nember founder and director of Blue439 foundation is the curator of the project.





Ali Kazma

Born in Istanbul (Turkey) in 1971, lives and works in Istanbul (Turkey).

Ali Kazma is a video artist who received his MA degree from The New School in New York City. In 2000, he returned to Istanbul,

where he still resides. His videos raise fundamental questions about the meaning and significance of human activity and labor

 and the meaning of economy, production, and social organization.


Adam Ulbert

Born in Budapest (Hungary) in 1984, lives and works between Amsterdam and Budapest.

On Screening: Alexander and the Toad HD Video, 10’49’’ - 2015

“Alexander and the Toad” is part of an ongoing video series called “The Originator”. The video is an introduction for further series

 in which the main character supplemented with further figures will participate in a mutual carnivalesque procedure to meet

what they call the Originator. “Alexander and the Toad” is based on a 17th century alchemical text (which fragmentally

 shows up in the video). This cryptic text - “The Vision of Sir George Ripley by Eirenaeus Philalethes” – tells the story of

the basic alchemical transsubstantional procedure using the image of a Toad to explain the correct way of the alchemical

operations for the alchemist.





Marco Nember with Remzi Kabadayi                                      Lorenzo Beneditti with  Adam Ulbert


This event is supported by






Reaching Out Through Skype



The project is an initiative of the Lithuanian Cultural Centre and is organized in close collaboration with

the European Commission and other European Cultural Institutes.  

Children, from six countries met via skype  on 12.10 2015

Hungary was represented by : Berzsenyi school from Budapest 






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European Day of Languages

24 September in Amsterdam and Rotterdam


On cooperation with the EUNIC and European Commission 


On this day the children are going to get a short introduction lesson in 17 different European languages.


The Hungarian language lessons  will be given        

in Amsterdam

in the Institut français des Pays-Bas  and


in Rotterdam

in the Goethe Institute




European Film Festival in the  Netherlands

17-20 September 2015


cooperation with the European Culture Institutes,

the European Parliament Information Office in the Netherlands

and the European Commission Representation in the Netherlands 





Hungarian film ` 86 min  


Director:  Ágnes Incze  
Camera: Máté Herbai
18. September 2015. at 20.00hrs.
entree free


Keizersgracht 564, 1017 EM Amsterdam
Italian Cultural Institute





The first scene of this film, which takes place in the present, eventually takes us back to the fifties, when in a hospital, a terminally ill young woman, Iren, is saying goodbye to her child Rozsika.

Fifty years later, the then orphaned child is a homeless old woman who inherited her mother’s pneumoconiosis. Throughout her time roaming around in the city, Rozsika meets a taciturn woman, who moves in a strange way. They became close friends. Neither of them knows, but the viewers soon find out that we are witnessing the reunion of mother and daughter.

From this point the two women’s lives are entwined. Through their adventures, the significantly different worlds and characters living in Hungary in the third millennium are juxtaposed. When it turns out that Rozsika, the old and ill homeless woman, has only days to live, Iren mobilizes her hidden energies, and like in a modern tale, she saves her daughter.





 We ended the successful film screening with a nice party. Thanks Rita for  hosting the event and you all for being there.




Photographic journey  connecting the European countryside

from contemporary perspective by Attila Lénárt  

09 September - 20 October





09th  September  2015.


16.00 - 17.30hrs


Huis van Europa

Korte Vijverberg 5/6


2531 AB Den Haag






Attila Lenart born 19.08.1980. in Budapest. Started cycling when turned and since then never stopped pedaling.


He already fixed with friends bikes at age 10. He states : I saved some money that I got from parents and spent it on basic tools to fix my own bike.

Later, at 26 years old, I left Hungary and moved to London to change my life for good. After 5 years living in London I realized that the meaning

of my life is making people happy while fixing their bikes. I couldn't get employed at the best bike shop in London and then I left England

moved to Amsterdam to be a professional bicycle repair man. At the moment for the last 5 years I am working at Workcycles and in the

meantime I am discovering Europe with my custom built Bianchi road bike.

Distance nor weather conditions nor mountains can stop me I will never give up!


In order to prepare the meeting well, we kindly ask you to confirm your attendance by sending an e-mail to


This event is an initiative of Hungarian Cultural Forum  
togeather with the European Commission en European Parliament Information bureau in the Netherlands.


Attendees of the opening were greeted by the cultural diplomat of the Embassy of Hungary, Daniel Csonka

and by field officer of the European Commission, Hugo  Keizer.







European Literature Night

16 May  2015 at 20.00


De Brakke Grond

Nes 45  1012 KD Amsterdam




Don Quichot

In collaboration with de Das Magazin en Eddie  The Eagle Museum in De Brakke Grond

on Saturday  16th May 2015 at 20.00

European Literature festival with special programs of EUNIC 

Hungarian writer  Péter Jósvai  wrote an essay for this occasion

 Een oude dwaas? – een ‘viral image’/meme dat een tijdperk tot een einde bracht

see the tekst at special events

see more :  and



Hungarian Melodies

Diligentia Theater 

Lange Voorhout 5, 2514 EA Den Haag

25. april 2015 at 20.15









Agnes Fisher sings songs, slow ballads and the fast csardas in this show.


The "  Hungarian Melodies"  evening is full of temperamental numbers  and will introduce the really Hungatian mood.



The male chorus is from Hajdúdorog and  shows how the tradition of folk music lives on in the Hungarian countryside.



Het orkest:



József Kovács jr, eerste viool (prímás)



Jenő Sicki Farkas, eerste viool (prímás)



Tibor Bertók jr, tweede viool



Otto Danis, altviool



Elemér Duka, cello



Rudolf Gáspár, cymbaal



Károly Balogh, contrabas



Gyula Váradi, clarinet



Giani Lincan, cymbaal



Akácos út Mannenkoor Hajdúdorog















European Language Day

25 September 2014

Amsterdam & Rotterdam




Op 25 september van 9:30 tot 12:00 uur kunnen de leerlingen spelenderwijs kennis maken met de volgende talen


Tsjechisch, Hongaars, Pools, Turks, Duits en Frans

locatie: Goethe-Institut, Westersingel 9, 3014 GM Rotterdam


Maltees, Hongaars, Litouws, Spaans, Turks, Duits, Pools, Tsjechisch en Frans

locatie: Institut français, Vijzelgracht 2A, Amsterdam


European Film Festival in the Netherlands

18-21 September 2014




cooperation with the European Culture Institutes,

the European Parliament Information Office in the Netherlands

and the European Commission Representation in the Netherlands  







Saturday 20 September at 19.30



Keizersgracht 564

Instituto Italiano di Cultura


Hungary 2014, 50 min. documentary, director, Zsófia Szilágyi






After living 2 and a half years in Hungary, Jelena Popovic decided to go home to Serbia. The film shows her last six months in Budapest:

how her situation slowly moved from hopeful to doubtful. For this young Eastern European generation in their thirties,

 it seems much easier to leave home than it was for their parents. This journey though, which is often considered a "way to find oneself," holds many difficulties that have not been encounter before and the journey can easily turn into a labyrith.

The editor of the movie Noemi Mehrli gives a short introduction to a film showing.


See more :


See more festival programs:     



Noemi  & the audience in the evening














Photo exhibition from Obuda

01 September -31 December 2014

Raadhuis Amstelveen


On the occasion of the 50 Years Jubilee of Amstelveen the partner city Obuda is offering this photo exposition to Amstelveen.  Deputy Mayor of Amstelveen Peter Bot  welcomes the guests at the opening.


 photo Ádám Dobrovits



exhibition opening

10 September 2014


Raadhuis Amstelveen 

Laan Nieuwer Amstel 1 






                                                                                                                                                                 Bálint Szelle                             Peter Bot

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International contemporian art symposion



The International Contemporary Symposium Cered was launched in 1996 with the aim of supporting the Northern Hungarian region with its professional artist society. This could be mainly achieved by organizing primarily thematic artcamps and thematic exhibitions of the artists’ colony and giving professional support for solo exhibitions
At the same time the leaders of the colony focus on the popularization of the invited professional artists as well as study the comparison of the contemporary art scene in the country and abroad. see more 


with the ceooperation of TCH projects  Bruno van den Elshout was there in 2013 


Hungarian water wells photo serie






Benefit Fine Art Auction



Hilton Royal Parc Soestduinen

Sunday 22 June 2014  





Lithuanian Cultural Centre &  the TCH projects organizing a  


Benefit Fine Art Auction in the Hilton Royal Parc Hotel Soestduinen


The culture institutes needs your help so that we can continue our cultural activities.


You will support by buying a beautiful art work the following costs:


·                                 Rental of storage space for exhibitions, film and concert events

·                                 Insurance for exhibition works

·                                 Shipping/packaging supplies

·                                 Rental cost of the music instruments


from Lithuania:





 Arvydas Kasauskas                                                           Arvydas Pakalka                                                                                                   



see more ;  


from Hungary;






István Szabó,                                              Tamás Gránicz,                                          Elek Kerekes,




 The event was sponsord by











A Night of European Literature


'Mehr Licht.' Famous Last Words


14 May 2014 


program starts at : 20.00


De Brakke Grond,

Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond
Nes 45
1012KD Amsterdam



“Mehr Licht” are the famous last words spoken by Goethe. With this quote from the great German man of letters in mind,

 9 writers from 9 different countries wrote a story, an essay or another piece of prose.


They will then discuss this with Margot Dijkgraaf (of Boekmanstichting, Spui25) and Jeroen van Kan (VPRO).

The texts will be adapted musically and theatrically by Bas van Rijnsoever and his colleagues.


The authors are:

Fabrice Humbert (France); Jaroslav Rudiš (Czech Republic); Annette Pehnt (Germany); János Bodnár (Hungary);

Ayşe Kulin (Turkey) and Manon Uphoff (the Netherlands) Ricardo Menéndez Salmón (Spain) ), Peter Terrin and

Antoine Wauters (Belgie).


The teksts with the title : Goethe`s lasts words will be published in a Dutch translation by Uitgeverij Cosseel


Recensie: Goethes uitspraak is op allerlei manieren geïnterpreteerd. Was het een verzoek van de oude Goethe, op zijn sterfbed in Weimar, de gordijnen wat meer open te schuiven? Is het de mystiek van een hemel die zich opent? Ook de negen Europese schrijvers uit Meer licht slaan verschillende wegen in. see more  ; 


Organised by EUNIC, the cooperative organization of European cultural institutes.
More information and registration:


Music & discussion on the Night of European Literature in the Brakke Grond, Amsterdam



Margot Dijkgraaf en Jeroen van Kan presentators  of the evening   Janos Bodnar /Hungary/ & Jeroen van Kan





The  writers:                                                         The Band: Floris van Bergeijk, Bas van Rijnsoever en Khadija Massaoudi 

Annette Pehnt (Germany), Antoine Wauters (Belgie), Ricardo Menéndez

Salmón (Spain), Ayşe Kulin (Turkey),Fabrice Humbert (France),

 Jaroslav Rudiš (Czech Republic), János Bodnár (Hungary);





NEW HORIZONS - Sharing adventures


Suez Gallery, Suezkade 117, The Hague

Thu 20 March, 14h00 - 15h30





Following an earlier project that had him travel all (then) 27 member states of the European Union, Dutch artist Bruno van den Elshout (1979) dedicated all of 2012 to photographing the North Sea horizon. To this end, he build an automated machine that captured this timeless yet ever-changing view at every hour of the entire year. 


Influenced by artists such as Andreas Gursky, Hans Aarsman and Piet Mondrian, Bruno van den Elshout's NEW HORIZONS project is the result of longing for space and tranquillity in a world that is growing increasingly hectic. 


During the lecture hosted by at Suez Gallery, Bruno van den Elshout will show material from his forthcoming book publication. Also, he will illustrate the origin and destination of the journey that the horizon quest has taken him on. 


More information about the project:




Budapest from Bartók to Banksy


Exhibition of photos by György Czabán,


28 January -  18 February 2014


Opening: 28 January  2014  at 19.00- 22.00


The exhibition will be opend by Dutch artist Bruno van den Elshout

who prior to his current project NEW HORIZONS, dedicated one year to travelling

all EU-member states for his book Crossroad Europe about cutlural diversity in Europe.




BaseArt Photography,

Sfinxdreef 22

Urecht 3564 CN


visit exhibition;  

by appointment.   

Contact ons   

via E-mail:    00 31 621274542






In Budapest, the spas, the temples, the public sculptures, the nice


streets, the cobbled pavements quote the past that embraces the graffiti’s,


the mistakes, the forgotten pieces of concrete and paint, tiles and


any kind of junk of the present through Czabán’s lense of untouched originality.


Like if the collected and found music fragments of Bartók would mix within


the frames of a huge jam session with the graffiti’s, drawings, signs, etchies by


Banksy in an elevating and funny, yet at the same critical visual language using


strong metaphors.

the exhibitoin is sponsord by :           












Bruno van den Elshout & György Czabán  Szűcs Balázs Csilla Tordai







L`Istituto Italiano di Cultura &


TCH Hungarian Cultural Forum present    


The Moon and the Stars

Hungarian/Italian film 102min 


Together in Rome in 1939 to shoot a film, a German actress (McCormack) and an English actor (Pryce)

contend with forces that complicate their romance as well as the production itself.


Director:  John Irvin Producer Áron Sipos

Cinematography Elemér Ragály


0n Thursday 21 November 2013  at 20.00


doors open at 19.30


Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Amsterdam

Keizersgracht 564 1017 EM Amsterdam



entree: Free rsvp






Animation Festival – EUNIC presents:




in European Animation

Thursday 14 November 2013, Eye, Amsterdam

 19.15  (I)  and 21.00 (II)


A Légy ("The Fly") he received the 1981 Oscar Academy Award for Animated Short Film

see more:   







                                                                                             Proeverij "Tussen de Meubels"



                                                                                Expositie "Generaties" van Adrien Jancsek

Zaterdag en zondag

9 en 10 november a.s.


van 13.00 tot 17.00 uur


Van Dijk en Ko

Papaverweg 46-48, Amsterdam



Zaterdag 9 en zondag 10 november a.s. houdt Mirande Beems wijn import  wij, in de gezellige zuidvleugel in de meubelloods van Van Dijk en

Ko, onze najaarsoverzicht proeverij. Tijdens deze proeverij zullen er maar liefst 50 wijnen open staan uit Duitsland

Oostenrijk en natuurlijk Hongarije. En als het buiten erg koud is zorgen we voor lekkere warme Glühwein!


Ook zal er op beide dagen een expositie van de olieverfschilderijen van de bijzondere Adrien Jancsek

zijn genaamd






Adrien Jancsek studeerde af aan de Kunstacademie in Wenen en exposeerde in beroemde kunst- en cultuurcentra in

binnen- en buitenland (o.a. Wenen, Baden, Boedapest, Parijs, Straatsburg, en de Verenigde Staten). Ze schildert

figuratief in allerlei stijlen: Olie, aquarel, houtskool, soms met surrealistische trekjes. Met portretten en stillevens

heeft ze ook geen problemen. Haar ouders, grootouders en overgrootouders waren kunstenaars. Drie generaties

zijn haar voorgegaan. Ze laat op beide dagen haar schilderijen en schetsen zien.


Verder kun je deze dag, in de grote loods van Van Dijk en Ko, natuurlijk heerlijk snuffelen tussen de antieke en

tweedehands meubels en spulletjes. Of loop nog even binnen bij Neef Louis waar ze allerhande vintage artikelen

verkopen. En voor koffie, een broodje of gebak kun je terecht bij Waargenoegen, de leukste cateraar van Amsterdam.




European Day of Languages 26 september 2013



Being convinced that linguistic diversity is a tool for achieving greater intercultural understanding

and a key element in the rich cultural heritage of our continent,

we promote plurilingualism.

Reaching out through Skype

Last year program was a big succes with three schools.  This year we also connect the schools from four European cities 

via skype on 07 Oktober 2013 . The children give a short presentation about

their own country, illustrated by pictures,maps and their songs

in Lithuanian,Hungarian, Italian and Greek via Skype.

Hungarian school  :  Lithuanian school :    



European Langueges

EUNIC offers in the Institut Français in Amsterdam on 25 september 11 languages in short courses

for children from 10-13 years, just to let them have an impression of the variety of European languages

and culture. Professional teachers will speak in short lessons about their language  and their country.

Hungarian words as; fiú, lány, szia will be taught by our teacher during an virtual traveling in Hungary.



A Night of European Literature

14 May 2013, at 20.oo

De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam


‘That we laugh and cry for the same thing,’ Montaigne

Taking the title of this essay by Montaigne as their guide,

authors from all over Europe have been inspired to write a short story,

an essay or another piece of prose.

On 14 May, seven of them will take part in a discussion with Margot Dijkgraaf:

Laurent Binet (France); Jàchym Topol (Czech Republic); Marcel Beyer (Germany);

Kristina Tóth (Hungary); Laura Sintija Cerniauskaité (Lithuania);

Nihan Kaya (Turkey) and Marja Pruis (the Netherlands).

Organised by EUNIC,

the cooperative organisation of European cultural institutes.

More information and registration:


Budapest in bird’s eye view  


Photo Exhibition and guiding tour at the

Rotterdam The Hague Airport


The Hungarian photograph Zsolt Batar`s works can be seen  on  

                                        4th  April 2013  

                       in Rotterdam The Hague airport


18:00 check in at counter 14 & 15

18:30 - 19:00 Welkom drinks & buffet

19:00 - 19:45 Presentation of RTHA

19:45 - 20:45 Guiding tour at the airport

20:45 - 21:45 Reception

organised by the Hungarian Buiness Network

As a special present

HBN draw during this event a Transavia retour ticket Rotterdam - Budapest 


See more about this event 

and please  confirm your  participation before 27 March 2013

 See the other photos of Zsolt Batar  in the photoalbum

Partners of  this event :


     Consulaat van Hongarije -Haarlem




March 20, 2013  at 21.00, Bimhuis Amsterdam

entree 18 euro/ 15 euro student card

Söndörgő, lead by the Eredics brothers, is one of the most active and

interesting world music groups in Hungary. Thanks to Söndörgö there is

renewed interest in the tambura, the mandolin-like plucked instrument

which has a history going back to 16th century Balkan. The contemporary tambura players

of Söndörgö honor the Slavic folk tradition which was documented by composers

Béla Bartók and Tihamér Vujicsics. The five musicians alternate lively dances with

melancholic melodies on tamburas of various sizes, combined with brass instruments

and accordion. ‘One of Europe’s most versatile and exciting bands’ (Songlines)



Róbert Batykó solo exposition

03-24 March 2013

Opening  Sunday 3rd of March 2013   16:00 -19:00

Retort art space

Aalsmeerweg 103 1059 AG Amsterdam 

 "My work has been inspired by perceivable reality. The image that can be seen through the eyes

 is merely a point of departure, of which the joy of discovery and the possibility

 for identifying with the image are the sole personal aspects. "

see more: 


The Shadow of Heaven


                         Adrien Jancsek                                                                                                 self portre Kupla

                     TCH projects and the Czech Centrum organising

                                  en Film screening and en Concert’

               on 18th  December 2012 at the Goethe Institute in Amsterdam.

                           Symphonic of colour and painter of the cosmos


                                                Piano concert

  LOCATION: Goethe Institute Herengracht 470 1017 CA Amsterdam,

                         Entree: 5 euro, inclusive one drink  


                   19.30 František Kupka; Symphonic of colour and painter of the cosmos Czech film

                   20.00 Zoltán Kodály;Remembering  Hungarian film

                    20.30 piano concert; Dávid Herman, Márta Horváth  

                   21.00 Reception

Film: František Kupka (1871-1957) - Symphonic of colour and painter of the cosmos (Czech , 2008; 32m)

R: Daniela Gébová, English English text. He was a Czech painter and graphic artist.

He was a pioneer and co-founder of the early phases of  the abstract art movement and orphic cubism.

Film: Zoltán Kodály (1882-1967) Remembering, (Hungary 1968; 32m ) English, black&white

 documentary about the Hungarian composer. He is best known internationally as the creator of the

 Kodály method.The film is from the Kodály Institut , Kecskemét, Hungary.

 Concert: Few short works of Kodály. Piano; Dávid Herman, song; Márta Horváth 


“The Shadow of Heaven,”

 is a program showing of a series of documentary movies about artists around the “fin de siècle”

organized by European National institutes for Culture in the Netherlands and thanks

 to Goethe Institute in Amsterdam.

 The first event is in November 2012 The SHADOW OF HEAVEN 2008, 116min, English subtitles.

Director: Romas Lileikis, camera: Viktoras Radzevičius Lithuanians film is about the family members of the

composer and painter Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis (1875-1911) 

On 29 November 2012, at 19:30 at Goethe Institut Amsterdam See more ; Litouws Cultureel Centrum 

On 24 January 2013 the next screenings will proceed with the film about the Austrian composer Gustav Mahler (1860-1911). 

 see more:



Hungary through Dutch eyes



TCH Projects during the summer 2012 has organised a Photo Contest for Dutch

photographers –professional, amateurs.

The exhibition of the works of the winners of the photo contest in Haarlem will be opened

on Friday 23nd November 2012, at 19.30 p.m

TCH Projects gladly invites you at the opening ceremony

VENUE Golden Tulip Hotel Lion d`Or ,  Kruisweg 34 2011 LC Haarlem

WELCOME SPEECH His Excellence, Count Dénes Festetics de Tolna

Honorary Consul of Hungary in Netherland

The awards ceremony will be hold at 21.00 p.m.


The exhibition of the works of the winners of the photo contest  in Budapest will be opened

on Tuesday, 6th October 2012, at 5 p.m.

The Balassi Institute, the Hungarian Governmental Organization for Cultural Diplomacy and

 the TCH Projects gladly invites you at the opening ceremony 

VENUE Balassi Institute, H-1016 Budapest, Somlói út 51.

WELCOME SPEECH His Excellence, Count Dénes Festetics de Tolna,

Honorary Consul of Hungary in Netherland

OPENING SPEECH Pál Hatos Ph.D., Director General of Balassi Institute

CONTRIBUTORS Amsterdam Accent With Gypsy Guidance band


European Day of Languages


At the initiative of the Council of Europe, Strasbourg,

the European Day of Languages has been celebrated every year since 2001 on 26 September.

This year we  connect  three schools from Budapest.

Soest and Vilnius  via skype on 28 September 2012 . The children  give a short presentation about

 their own country, illustrated by pictures,

maps and their songs in Lithuanian,Hungarian and Dutch found the way via Skype.    



EUNIC offers in the Vrijzinnig Christelijk Lyceumon 26 september 11 languages in short courses

for children from 10-13 years, just to let them have an impression of the variety of European languages

and culture. Professional teachers will speak in short lessons about their language  and their country.

Hungarian words as; fiú, lány, szia will be taught during an virtual traveling in Hungary. 




CSABA FÜRJESI visual artist

11 June 2012 - 20  July 2012

Amsterdam Municipality, Municipality of Budapest and TCH Art Consulting cordially  invite

You and Your family

to the exhibition opening  and the following reception

                          Tuesday, 12th June 2012

                               from 19.00 to 21.00

                     Theater Café Stadhuis Amsterdam

                       Amstel 1 1011 PN Amsterdam


Honoured by: Marijn Ornstein member of City of Amsterdam

Dr. Balazs Szeneczey Chief of Cabinet of Budapest Mayor’s Office

The exhibition will be opened by: Gyula Sümeghy Ambassador of Hungary to the Netherlands 

Musical contribution by: Marta Horváth Trio

Marta Horvath vocal, Gabor Csongrádi guitarist, Miklós Borbély saxophon, clarinet

Special thanks for Sumegi and Sons Winery,

Wine region of Baja-Hajós, who will provide the wines

during the opening ceremony




International Photography Biennial

 GRID2012: 16 May – 1 July 2012

Largest international photo festival in The Nederlands

GRID is a bi-annual photo festival focussed on contemporary image culture, which will show­case works

 of international

renowned photographers and emerging talents. At various venues in the participating cities

international exhibitions will be on display,of which most have not been shown in The Netherlands before,

 from approximately 30 different countries .

GRID2012 will be shown four Hungarian artist` works in:


Dubble Tree Hilton Hotel Amsterdam Centraal : Barnie // //

Oosterdokstraat 4, 1011 DK Amsterdam

Opening on 15th May at 17.00 pm by curator Sándor Benkö // //

 Thanks to the big success  this exhibion will be open till 20th July!

Fotomodellen en bejaarde boeren

Het Hongaarse platteland als onwerkelijk decor voor een kunstige modereportage.

"De fotograaf heeft zichtbaar moeite met de mode-industrie. 'Gemaskerde, dubieuze, neppe mensen,'

vindt híj. Zijn reactie daarop is een surrealistische wereld van ertreme contrasten en hard licht,

waarin de modellen overdreven dramatisch poseren."

volkskrant magazine 2 juni 2012  blz 42-47


Cruquius area in East Amsterdam: Mátyás Misetics

Cruquiusweg 67 1089 AG Wijnterminal East Amsterdam

Opening on 16th May at 20.00 pm


De Gang in Haarlem : András Bozsó

Grote Houtstraat 43 2011 SC Haarlem

the expositie is open till 14 juli 2012 

The opening

Reporting Central and Eastern Europe
on Sunday, May 27 at 12:30 pm
in the sanctuary of the Baptist Church, Frank Street 24, of Haarlem.

Central and Eastern Europe
on Sunday, May 27 at 12:30 pm
in the sanctuary of the Baptist Church, Frank Street 24, of Haarlem.

The exhibition includes works of three photographers:
Zoë Cochia from Romania - Shadow in the mirror
András Bozsó from Hungary - Homeless
Daniela Dostálková from Czech Republic -The town
I like

The opening will be framed by Elena Manevska
and Jan Marten de Vries, piano, with the program:
Johannes Brahms: Hungarian Dance No. 5, piano four hands
György Ligeti: 3 Lakodalmi TANC / Three wedding dance, piano four hands
Leoš Janáček: Po zarostlem chodníčku / On an overgrown path, piano solo

During the visit, traditional snacks and drinks will be offered




ROC building in Apeldoorn: András Hajdú

Molenstraat /Stationsstraat corner in Apeldoorn

Opening 18th May 18.00 pm

On 24th May “Special Viewing” program

See more :



CODE  issue 21 2012


Sometimes, collaborations just click. CODE works with GRID, the largest international photography festival in the

Netherlands, to bring you an edit of thought-provoking images that deserve your attention. Here's an exclusive

selection of what to expect.

Ironically, the frenzied glut of image-sharing that has characterized the past decade means that expert

curating is more necessary – and more valuable– than ever. Now approaching its fifth edition,

the biennial GRID festival continues to showcase GR ID2012 Info Running from 16 May until 1 July,

CODE’s publisher and editor-in-chief Peter van Rhoon has selected the work of ten of the best international

documentary fashion photographers for a special exhibition at this year’s GRID. A celebration of

 contemporary photography and men’s style in all its multifaceted glory, it demands to be seen.



 Grandpa 2 by Barnie



Curator Sander Benko says: ‘Toth intended to create a surreal world by taking fashion photography

from its clean, perfect and carefully constructed surroundings and putting it in a realistic and

authentic environment, full of people with different values. He […] blurs the boundaries between

documentary and fashion photography.’

 read more: CODE  issue 21  2012 page 94 95

Hungarian Press

Magyar Nemzet

Magyar művészek alkotásait is megcsodálhatják Hollandiában

2012. május 15., kedd 

Négy magyar fotóművész képei is megtekinthetők keddtől Hollandiában a kétévente megrendezett rangos

nemzetközi kiállításon, a GRID biennálén.

A 2002 óta rendszeresen tartott nagyszabású kiállítás célja – a témáról kiadott sajtóközlemény szerint –

 a nemzetközi kulturális kapcsolatok építése, a víziók kölcsönös cseréje, a nemzetközi dialógus serkentése.

Magyarok most először állítanak ki ezen a tárlaton. Idén több mint 30 állam képviselteti magát a július 1-jéig

 tartó rendezvényen, 80 különböző kiállítással. A tárlatokkal párhuzamosan nemzetközi szimpóziumot,

műhelyfoglalkozásokat, előadásokat is szerveznek. Az idei kiemelt téma A városi valóság ellenőrzése:

 észrevételek a változó viselkedésre és élettérre.

A magyar fotóművészek – Misetics Mátyás, Hajdú András, Tóth Barnabás és Bozsó András – Amszterdamban, Amstelveenben

 és Haarlemben mutatkoznak be a holland közönségnek. A kiállítások kurátora Benkő Sándor (ARTfoto),

szervezőjeTordai Csilla (TCH, Hollandia).


European Literature Night, European Literature now!

Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam (OBA) - Oosterdokskade 143 Amsterdam on 16 of May at 19.30

The European literature night in Amsterdam is part of a series of meetings in several European capitals on 16 May 2012

to give the word to a dozen authors of the new Europe.

There will be four discussions in English among the European authors, chaired by Margot Dijkgraaf  

literary critic NRC Handelsblad, author, Director Academic Cultural Center Spui 25 in Amsterdam.

Between these discussions there will be a musical trip through Europe by Tjerk Ridder

and Matthijs Spek from the group Trekhaak gezocht! The gathering will be organised by

the association of European cultural institutes in the Netherlands, EUNIC,

in cooperation with the OBA. 

19.30 hrs – 20.00 hrs 

Traumas and childhood: how to write about violence?

John Burnside & György Dragomán

In which ways do violent childhood experiences resonate in literary works? Dark shadows, childhood traumas,

and the omnipresence of death are reoccurring elements in Burnside’s poetry, fiction and memoirs.

 In his second novel,

The White King, Dragomán presents a relentless and frightening portrait of childhood in Ceausescu's

 totalitarian Romania.

see more :  

Entrance: € 10,00 / member of Eunic institutions: € 5,00

Reservation: or 00-31-205230900


Conference: What is the responsibility of the EU for culture?

This highly actual discussion will be held in two parts. First formal part about legal questions

 in European culture and the second part dedicated to more concrete challenges. Special element is

 the question how European feels a national culture. 

Britta Böhler will chair the evening.

Special guests: 

Pál Hatos, head of the Hungarian Culture Institute

Barbara Kisseler, Alderman for culture Hamburg

Joop Daalmeijer, president of the Dutch Arts Council

 17th of April at 19.30

Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond
Nes 45
NL-1012KD Amsterdam

The program is organised with Eunic Netherlands




 Towbar Needed!

A theatrical road movie, lecture and music program.

The musician and theatermaker Tjerk Ridder and journalist Peter Bijl traveld

hitchhiking with caravan through Europe from Nederlands to Turkey.

The experiences and encounters in Germany, Austria, Hungary, etc during

 the trip inspired Tjerk Ridder to songs, lyrics and movies that he on 11 of January at 7.00pm

in the Goethe-Institute in Rotterdam presents.


Fashion Show

oktober 2011 Golden Tulip Hotel Lion d'Or Haarlem
invitation only

Katalin Hampel first time in Holland is going to show her collection in Haarlem

 on a Charity fashion show.

This benifit event earnings are offerd to the Hungarian

 László Batthyányi  Home for Blind Children. 

As speciel guest Katalin Makray, wife of the Hungarian President

 is going to participate on the fashion show.



  Nobody Knows


Csilla Tordai, Sigal Weissbein-Rozman, Frank van Dalen, Sam Havadtoy, Irene Hemelaar

Municipality of Amsterdam receives present „Nobody Knows I am Gay”artwork.  

Councillor Frank van Dalen did Wednsesday, 7 September 2011

 on behalf of the City Hall in receipt the work of

the hungarian artist Sam Havadtoy.  Havadtoy’s exhibition  was in August  to see

 in the foyer of the City Hall of Amsterdam on the occasion of the Gay Pride.

Sam Havadtoy

A Euro-American painter,  a close friend of Andy Warhol, Keith Haring,

George Condo and ex-companion of Yoko Ono shows his paintings in Amsterdam City Hall.


Prior to the debate They Do (Not) Know,

at 6:30pm this exhibition will officially be opened.

Wednesday 03-08-2011 

Amsterdam City Hall Foyer Raadszaal

Amstel 1
1011PN Amsterdam

The exhibition can be visited from 3 August- 8 September






Sándor Benkö artist-photographer


on 31st of May 2011 at 19.00 hrs

at the Goethe Institute Rotterdam

Westersingel 9, 3014 GM Rotterdam

After the greeting remarks of Ambassador Mr. Gyula Sümeghy

the exhibition will be opened by Mr. Robert Schilder, curator of Circle-24,

a group of internationally  known photographers.

The exhibition can be visited from 1 June - 15 June, Tuesday – Thursday 15-17 hours and

Friday 13-17 hours

exlusive lecture on the exhibition "The capture of time",


on 31 May 2011 at 18.00 hrs at the Goethe Institute Rotterdam.

During the lecture the artist Mr. Sándor Benkö will talk about the intellectual and artistic


of his photographic work.



Curriculum Vitae: Portraits of authors



Film Programme 2011

17 - 23 March in het Filmhuis, The Hague
24. 25. 26. March in Het Ketelhuis, Amsterdam

Within the theme of the Boekenweek (Curriculum Vitae - written portraits) EUNIC presents

 ten European movies portraying important authors. All films have English subtitles.

Filmhuis Den Haag (The Hague)
17, 28, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 March 2011

Programme Filmhuis Den Haag: the same movies will be shown as in Het Ketelhuis, except

the British movie Iris will be replaced by the Israelian movie Applefeld’s table.
More information and reservations

Thursday17 March
17:00 hrs. Citizen Havel is Rolling Barrels
Appelfeld’s table

Friday18 March
17:00 hrs. The lifetime journey of Frederic Morton
Pasolini prossimo nostro
Saturday19 March
17:00 hrs. Cet amour-là
Sunday 20 March
17:00 hrs. Un bulgãre de humã

Monday 21 March
17:00 hrs. Die Unberührbare

Tuesday 22 March

17:00 hrs. Libertas

Wednesday 23 March

17:00 hrs. Az emigráns


Schedule in het Ketelhuis, Amsterdam

Thursday 24 March
17.00 hrs. Libertas (Veljko Bulajić, 2006, Kroatia, 130 min.), about
Marin Drzic
19.30 hrs. Die Unberührbare (Oskar Roehler, 2000, Germany 110 min.), about
Gisela Elsner


Friday 25 March
17.00 hrs. Az emigráns (István Dárdai and Györgyi Szalai, 2007, Hungry, 107 min.),

 about Sándor Márai
19.30 hrs. Un bulgare de huma (Nicolae Margineanu, 1989, Romania, 90 min.)
21.30 hrs. Citizen Havel Is Rolling Barrels (Jan Novák, 2009, Czech Republic, 72 min.),

 about Václav Havel

Saturday 26 March
17.00 hrs. Pasolini prossimo nostro (Giuseppe Bertolucci, 2006, Italy, 58 min.),

 about Pier Paolo Pasolini
18.15 hrs. Durch die Welt nach Hause. Die Lebensreise des
Frederic Morton (Andrea Ackert, 2009,

Austria, 58 min.)
19.30 hrs. Cet amour-là (Josée Dayan, 2001, France, 100 min.), about
Marguerite Duras
21.30 hrs Iris (Richard Eyre, 2001, England, 87 min.), about
Iris Murdoch

More information and reservations
Date: 24, 25 and 26 March
Tickets: € 9 / € 8 with discount 











Hungarian Films  in Delft



7--10 oktober 2010

First time, from Thursday the 7st of october until the Sunday 10th of october the hungarian

minifilmfestival will take place in the Filmhuis -Lumen in Delft. The four , one of best

 New Hungarian films: Transmission, Tableau, Paper planes and Iska's journey will be screened

 during the four days. At the festive opening David Szeszta from the Hungarian Embassy is going

 to welcome the guests. Gabor Dettre, regisseur of the film Tableau will be present for an discussion on Friday .

see more

http ://

organisatie: Filmhuis Lumen i.s.m. / Csilla Tordai


 Changing Europe, Changing Arts

In a series of four public sessions chaired by columnist-author Bas Heijne, we examine

how cultural diversity – which now figures prominently within the public debate in Europe

and is changing the face of the continent – is manifesting itself within today’s sector.

The focus of this series is especially on the grey area between the community arts and

 social arts on the one hand and haute art on the other hand. Examples from nine countries

 (the Netherlands, Lithuania, France, Britain, Hungary, Rumenia, Germany, Israel and Austria)

demonstrated how our multicultural society can enrich culture and the arts. The emphasis is

on these disciplines: architecture and views on living in (new and regenerated) urban areas;

museums and the visual arts; as well as the performing arts and film. The central questions are:

what makes the projects at hand so special; who attended these events; what was their

general impact on the visitors; which questions were raised, which debates were triggered,

 and which changes in society were brought about? Other pivotal questions: which effect is

the multicultural society having on the artists and event organizers themselves and

on the artistic choices they are making?



Aflevering 1 - 16 september 2010

Felix Meritis Amsterdam, 15.00 - 18.00 uur
Met het
Van Abbemuseum (Nederland) en laBOMBAstudio (Roemenië).

Aflevering 2 - 25 oktober 2010

Goethe Institut Amsterdam, 15.00 - 18.00 uur
Ballhaus Naunynstraße (Duitsland) en Tanz die Toleranz (Oostenrijk)

Aflevering 3 - 15 november 2010

Maison Descartes Amsterdam, 15.00 - 18.00 uur
Retouramont (Frankrijk) en Arnolfini Gallery (Verenigd Koninkrijk)

Aflevering 4 - 29 november 2010

Goethe Institut Amsterdam, 14.00 - 18.00 uur
Krétakör (Hongarije), Ma'alah School for Television, Film and the Arts (Israël)

en Contemporary Art Centre (CAC) Vilnius (Litouwen)

More information on



Image and Sound (GBG) the Historical Film Festival Amsterdam

 23-27 August 2010




The European National Institutes of Culture (EUNIC) organize together with

the Dutch Association for History,

Image and Sound (GBG) the Historical Film Festival during the 21st International

Congress of Historical Sciences

(Amsterdam, 22 - 28 August). From Monday, August 23 to Friday,

August 27 films from 10 countries will be

screened in De Doelenzaal, Singel 425, Amsterdam (University Library entrance)



August 23


7 PM Der Hauptmann von Köpenick – director Helmut Käutner (Germany, 1956)

9 PM Karakter – director Mike van Diem (The Netherlands, 1997)

August 24

7 PM Les Roseaux Sauvages – director André Téchiné (France, 1994)

9 PM Katyn – director Andrzej Wajda (Poland, 2009)

August 25

7 PM Turn left at the end of the world – director Avi Nesher (Israel, 2003)

9 PM Merry-Go-Round – director Zoltán Fábri (Hungary, 1956)

August 26

7 PM An unforgettable summer – director Lucian Pintilie (Romania, 1994)

9 PM Juana la Loca (Joanna the Mad) – director Vicente Aranda (Spain, 2001)

August 27

7 PM Ucho (The Ear) – director Karel Kachyna (Czechoslovakia, 1970)

9 PM Hasenjagd (The quality of Mercy) – director Andreas Gruber (Austria, 1994)

Fre entrance but registration obligatory (

More information Csilla Tordai



Modern Hungarian Art Exhibition

" My Alter Ego "

22 June - 8 July 2010

Péter Ábrahám`s paintings



Tuesday June 22, 2010

19.00 pm

Goethe Institute

Westersingel 9, 3014 GM Rotterdam

Sculptor and painter Peter Abraham has already in his childhood surprised people around

him with amazing, thought-provoking drawings and toys, which indicated his later

 commitment to art. The essence of his artistic philosophy is the interaction between the

so called grand art, the elite culture on the one hand and the average life and mass culture

on the other, as well as the ruining of borders between them and building them up again.

 His works are experimental, so he shares the intentions of contemporary artists who

want to modernize visual language.



Presentation Maria van Hongarije

Suez Gallery

18 April 2010 at 19:00

Maria van Hongarije in memorial „Stephan Lang”

Film: Kameleon (optional) – Film about Maria van Hongarije is planned and in progress.

Location: Den Haag 2517 CB Suezkade 117


Hungarian Cultural and Natural Seminar and Film Club in 2009/2010

 6 April 2010 at 19:00



Film: Made In Hungaria

Hungarian with English subtitles


Hungarian Music & Dance with Turk(ish) Elements

Location: DE DOELEN , Singel 421. Amsterdam (UvA)

Room opens 15 minutes before the begin of the presentation
Contribution: EUR 7.50 (student: EUR 5)



Hungarian Cultural and Natural Seminar and Film Club in 2009/2010

2 March 2010 at 19.00


Travel with Evliya Çelebi in Hungary

By Mehmet Tütüncü

Pécs in southern Hungary, is one of the city / with Istanbul and Essen /

 chosen to be in 2010 European capital of culture.The Hungarian city of Pécs is highlighting

its rich multicultural heritage. This is a place where we can still discover traces of the Turkish

 rule and in this aspect the city is the most oriental city of Hungary.

In Pécs we can find several Mosques still in used. One of the famous one is the Betktasi dervisch

 Mosque. Has to be mentioned the unique tomb of the Turkish holly man Idris Baba.

mr Mehmet Tütüncü introduces in his lecture some Turkish monuments of Pécs, which give

 this city a unique Hungarian-Turks character and travels through Hungary starting his journey

 with the memories of the world traveler Evliya Celebi from the 17th century ….

Film : The Little Voyage /A kis utazás


Hungary (2000) 100 min., color, 35mm
Hungarian with English subtitles

Director: Mihály Buzás

About the Film
Eastern European films have always had a special place for the personal history,

the people's-eye, ground level view of a now discredited past. In this breezy, sarcastic story,

 set in the 1970s, a group of Hungarian teenagers win the coveted prize of a trip "abroad"--

a summer's labor at a GDR youth camp. The supposed national characteristics of

 the Germans and the Hungarians sometimes come into play, but the real comedy is


provided by incomprehension of other kinds; the usual gap between teenagers and

 adults is everywhere altered by the hypocritical need to pay "lip service" to the building

of socialist character. ….


Locations: DE DOELEN , Singel 425. Amsterdam (UvA)
Room opens 15 minutes before the begin of the presentation
Contribution: EUR 7.50 (student: EUR 5)


This study year we focus on
2009 - the 20th anniversary of the fall of the communism
2010 - EU cultural capitals: Pécs, Hungary & Istanbul, Turkey

Films are presented for educative purpose by the Hungarian Film Club in the Netherlands

 as part of the Hungarian Cultural and Natural Seminar. We present the movies in English

 or with English subtitle with the introduction of film experts, directors, film critics or

cultural heritage experts. The right to present is arranged by and in cooperation with

the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Brussels.

The Cultural & Natural Seminar is the associate member of ENCATC (



An Hungarian in Amstelveen

expositie of Mariska Hofman-Gáspár in the Museum Jan van der Togt

11 February t/m 7 March 2010

Mariska Hofman -Gáspár was born in 1910 in Gödöllö, Hungary. As a 12 years old

little girl come  to Holland. In this year she is going to celebrate her 100th birthday.

 She has a very remarkable personallity it is to seen in her works too.


 read more               27-9-2010

Ez tetszik énnekem – lelkendezik amszterdami otthonában, hogy a róla megjelenö cikket

 Gödöllön is olvashatják a rokonok. Ez láthatóan nagyon fontos számára. –

 A szívemet Gödöllön hagytam, lélekben mindig is magyar maradtam – mondja,

 de oly, szinte gyermeki oszinteséggel, hogy eloszlat minden kétséget, amit az

ilyen vallomások alkalmasint kiváltana.E az amszterdami találkozás személyes történelemóra is.  

Népszabadság - Száz év titka pagina 1 van 2


Hungarian Cultural and Natural Seminar and Film Club

Film :

The Investigator (A Nyomozó)


Dir: Attila Gigor. Hungary / Sweden/Ireland 2007. 110 mins.

This quirky little thriller brings to mind Patricia Highsmith's Ripley series, where

the perverted morality of the ending requires the reader to take sides with the villain.

Here, a gruff pathologist (Anger) takes on the role of a contract killer only to discover

he's the patsy - and now he must try to save his own skin.


Hungarian: Turkish Or Finnish? By dr. L.K. Marácz

The Hungarian language is classified in linguistic course books as a Finno-Ugric language.

 This suggests that Hungarian is genetically related to Finnish and has nothing to do with

 Turkish. Hungarian displays however clear affinities with Turkish. Although

the Finno-Ugric hypothesis is still awaiting futher prove, this alleged relation

 between Finnish and Hungarian has dominated the research agenda in Hungary

 and has even led to the invention of a new 'national identity for Hungarians'.

Dr. Marácz belongs to those resesearchers that are not convinced of the correctness of

the Finno-Ugric hypothesis. He will demonstrate how due to circumstances external

 to linguistics like 'Europeanness' Hungarian became Finnish and not Turkish.


Locations: DE DOELEN , Singel 421. Amsterdam (UvA)
Room opens 15 minutes before the begin of the presentation
Contribution: EUR 7.50 (student: EUR 5)


Lithuanian-Hungarian evening



Two films and an debate

The Black Box  made by Márta Elbert  50 min.
The illegally distributed, banned writings, the classic written “samizdat”, played an

 important role in the communication of the oppositionist thoughts in Hungary

 already since the early eighties. Some programs of Radio Free Europe could be

 heard as a kind of spoken version of this. The government was firmly keeping its monopole

 status in film making and television broadcasting. From the

middle of the eighties, private cameras and video players turned up in the country, too.

In the hands of independent filmmakers the news recording equipment

 which was capable of the immediate documentation of the events, found the areas

 forbidden to the official media quickly.
This new possibility of information brought Márta Elbert, a producer who was working in

 a film studio, Judit Ember and András Lányi, directors, and Gábor Vagi, sociologist, together.

 They found the name “Black Box” for themselves and they identified

their film making activity as video magazine. In 1989, the “Black Box” received the official

 license to practice. Their work was crucial for the documentation of

 the regime change. Nowadays, the main topic is the suffering of lower social classes. 

at Goethe-Institut Rotterdam, Westersingel 9, Rotterdam

The screening will be followed by a discussion

Entrance fee: EUR 5 (student: EUR 3)

This project is in cooperation with the European Union National Institution for

 Culture /EUNIC/



Hungarian Cultural and Natural Seminar and Film Club in 2009/2010

1 & 3 December 2009

Film : Puskás Hungary


Puskás is apart, I think Pelé is pretty well the only one who is able to carry off

 his legendary status with the real grace. But Puskás was even greater than Pelé,

precisely for the reason you have already alluded to: he was able to reach

 the peak twice over. Climb the Himalayas a second time. What for? To react

 the summit twice over, that is almost incredible.”

/Tamás Almasi/

1 Dec 2009 at 19:00
Top Sports beyond the Iron-Curtain
Film: Puskas Hungary and meet the cameraman of the film, Tamás Almási
Location: DE DOELEN , Singel 425. Amsterdam (UvA)

3 Dec 2009 at 19:00
Top Sports beyond the Iron-Curtain
Film: Puskas Hungary and meet the cameraman of the film, Tamás Almási
Location: Plexus Spectrumzaal Kaizerstraat 25. Leiden (Univ.Leiden)


to order the PUSKAS HUNGARY DVD :



Austrian- Hungarian evening



Two films and an debate

Hungary 1988-1990 directed by Marta Elbert


Leben an der Todesgrenze directed by Gerhard Jelinek and Peter Liska

on Monday the 30th of November 2009 at 19.00

at Goethe-Institut Rotterdam, Westersingel 9, Rotterdam

The screening will be fallowed by a discussion with the director of the film

 Gerhard Jelinek

and a Dutch historian

Entrance fee: EUR 5 (student: EUR 3)

This project is in cooperation with the European Union National Institution

 for Culture /EUNIC/



Hungarian Cultural and Natural Seminar and Film Club in 2009/2010


3 Nov 2009 at 20:00

Film: Bolshe Vita

1989, an exciting summer. Hungary opened the borders to the

West and the new waves of peoples had started. The heroes arrived from

all over the world: two ditsy musicians and an engineer from Russia,

 two girls from England and USA and they all met in a rock café „Bolshe Vita”…
Actors among others Badár Sándor, Helen Baxendale , Igor Csernyevics ,

 Caroline Loncq, Susan, Flores Eduardo Rózsa. Source:


Discussion on the Pan-European Picnic in 1989

20 years ago Hungary opened its border to the West.

More thousands of people ran to Austria on the organised

Pan-European Picnic where they met with their West German family members or

 left to their own destiny… What happened? Was it a well organised action or was

it a spontaneous activity… and what about the rest? Rapid changes

 in Central Eastern Europe like the regime falls in Hungary, Romania,

a country falls apart: Czech and Slovakia?

The seminar and the film are in English or with English subtitle


Location: De Doelenzaal, UvA, Amsterdam
Singel 425. Amsterdam (UvA)
Room opens 15 minutes before the begin of the presentation
Contribution: EUR 7.50 (student: EUR 5)




Kreativitás és Inováció Európai Unio 2009 Leipzig és Pécs Bemutatkozása


2009 szeptember 9 szerda 13 óra

Goethe-Institut Amsterdam, Herengracht 470
Az elöadás nyelve angol
Belépés ingyenes

2008-ban az Europai Bizottság a 2009-es évet az Europai kreativitás és Inovátió évének nevezte el.

Közponit figyelmet kap a mindennapi problémák megodására benyujtott uj ötletek. Ennek a témának

a fontosságát hangsulyozva Europa szeretne a változások folyamatát mint lehetöséget bemutatni.

Az EUNIC által támogatott kreativ városok sorozat harmadik elöadása két várost a német Leipzig és a

 magyar Pécs bemutatkozásának ad lehetöséget. A két elöadó Susanna Kucharski és Sipos Ágnes.


Europees Jaar van Creativiteit en Innovatie 2009 Presentatie Leipzig en Pécs


woensdag 9 september 2009, 13.00 uur
Goethe-Institut Amsterdam, Herengracht 470
Toegang: gratis

Eind 2008 riep de Europese Commissie het jaar 2009 uit tot Europees Jaar van Creativiteit en Innovatie.

 Creativiteit en innovatie worden als belangrijke factoren gezien voor het creëren van nieuwe oplossingen

voor hedendaagse problemen. Met een focus op deze thema’s wil Europa laten zien dat veranderingen

kunnen worden gezien als kansen. De derde lezing in het kader van de EUNIC serie over creatieve steden behandelt

 de steden Leipzig (Duitsland) en Pécs (Hongarije). Met o.a. Susanne Kucharski-Huniat (Leipzig) en Agnes Simon (Pécs).


Hungarian Film Club


Tuesday April 7 2009

18:30 Csodálatos Júlia (Being Julia)



Kaizerstraat 25 2311 GN Leiden

Leiden Universiteit Plexus Studiecentrum

Oscar nominated film of Istán Szabó. The film was written

by Ronald Harwood based on the novel of W. Somerset


This movie is a great bit of fun: over the top in all the right

places, and with many laugh out loud moments. It is bright,

emotional, engaging, and witty, just like thetitle character, acted to

perfection by Annette Bening. It’s brilliantly acted from top to bottom,

with wonderful performances from even relative newcomers,

Lucy Punch and Shaun Evans.


Hungarian Film Club

 2009 March 3 Tuesday

18:30 Lúdas Matyi (Ludas Matthias ) animation film

Leiden Universiteit Plexus Studiecentrum

Kaizerstraat 25 2311 GN Leiden


It is the best animated one of all Hungarian movies

It is a story about a goose herdsman and Matyi who has problems with

the bad lord. It is a story about a revenge, and a basic of justice.




Hungarian Film Club

2009 February 3 Tuesday

18:30 Fehér tenyér (White Palm) Hungarian Film



Leiden Universiteit Plexus Studiecentrum

Kaizerstraat 25 2311 GN Leiden


The white palm is a catching movie about an athlete trying to

face his talent, the environment and the faults he commits. You

do not have to be a sport- lover to like this movie, it is about

more: about life. The only way to face your faults is to jump for

the next challenge and try it again. The main figure is a Hungarian

sportsman, who from his childhood trains to become an athlete.

We can see the way how he formed to the personality he

is: the cruel trainings from childhood, the family-background,

and the whole environment, a socialistic world. The story goes

in different time-zones: side by side we can follow the child

Dongó and his challenges, as well as the young man Dongó in

Canada, training the new generation and than trying again his

luck. The beginning of the movie is a bit slow, but it gets faster

and it just catches you already in the middle of the movie and does not let you relax until the end.

This is also interesting, as is

based on a true story, the athlete plays himself in the movie. I

really liked it, so I suggest you to watch it.





Art & Diplomacy

Exhibition of

Jane Walker  &    István Gyebnár Rotterdam




Istvan Gyebnár

Collection of paintings, drawings and photo’s.


20-30 January 2009

Place: Goethe Institute Rotterdam, the Netherland

Westersingel 9 3014 GM Rotterdam








Reception on 27 January 18:00—21:00

with piano concert  of  Lyn Parker  Ambassador  of Great Brittan and Dr. Thomas Läufer German Ambassador


Meet the artists and their works

The exhibition and the reception are organised by the EUNIC

in cooperation with TCH Art Consulting







Hungarian Film Club

2008 December 2 Tuesday

18:30 Napfény ize (Sunshine)

István Szabó 


Leiden Universiteit Plexus Studicentrum

Kaiserstraat 25 2311 GN Leiden

The film follows a Jewish family living in Hungary through three generations,

rising from humble beginnings to positions of wealth and

power in the crumbling Austro-Hungarian Empire. The patriarch becomes

a prominent judge but is torn when his government sanctions

anti-Jewish persecutions. His son converts to Christianity

to advance his career as a champion fencer and Olympic hero,




Hongaarse Film Klub



Elemér Ragályi



 4 november 2008 in Leiden

Leiden Universiteit Plexus Studiecentrum

6 november donderdag in Den Haag

Duikers Derde Ambachtsschool


No Mercy de film is gebaseerd op echte feiten. Elemér Ragályi`s film is een document over de Pusoma verhaal,

 een niet lang geleden gebeurde moordonderzoek met een tragische einde. Zonder enige feiten was de verdachte

( de hoofdpersoon van de film) jarenlang onschuldig opgesloten in de gevangenis. de soortgelijke situaties kan

overal inelk maatschappij voorkomen. No Mercy is niet een fictie drama het is het echte leven.

Als gast hebben we de regisseur uitgenodigd vanuit Hongarije. Na de film is er een mogelijkheid om een gesprek

met hem te hebben.



Lilly & Edmund exhibition 19 May at 19.00

Rotterdam  Goethe Institute, Westersingel 9 3014 GM Rotterdam






 Hega Max Csilla Tordai Beatrix Kese